Vintage Style Butterfly Fairy Printable Paper Doll

You can print and make this gorgeous vintage style butterfly fairy paper doll with my printable PDF file!

printable paper doll

Create enchanted worlds with articulated paper fairy dolls, or even make your own vintage style hanging ornaments for your Christmas tree and more!

This fairy doll is easy to make. Simply print the vintage fairy paper doll PDF onto some heavy card stock and trim her from the paper.

I like to add a little bit of detail and make her really stand out and shine (yes literally).

Here’s how I created the butterfly fairy!

Materials and Supplies List:

  • heavy cardstock paper
  • distressing ink
  • makeup sponge or q-tips
  • mini brads (for articulation)
  • glitter glue or paint


Let’s Get Started!


Step One:

Print the fairy paper doll PDF File. I have included two files! A larger doll for paper dolls for play, and a smaller doll for creating hanging decorative ornaments. Of course you can mix and or match depending on your own size preferences.

Gather your supplies.

printable paper doll


Step Two:

Begin trimming the doll parts from the cardstock.

making paper dolls


Step Three:

Add some distressing to the paper doll parts.

I like to make these vintage style dolls really appear to be vintage! Use a distressing ink and a makeup sponge, cotton pad, or q-tip to gently apply distressing to the outer edges of the paper. I used a tea stain colored ink.

DIY printable Paper Dolls

diy vintage paper doll

distressing paper doll

vintage paper doll


Step Four:

Add articulated arms.

You’ll need some small metal mini brads to hold the arms on in a way that they will still be able to move.

Hold the arm in place and carefully poke a hole through both the arm and body of the doll. I used a large sewing needle to make the hole.

diy paper doll

Repeat for both arms and insert a small brad to hold the arm in place. Open the arms of the brad open in the back of the doll.

articulated paper doll

articulated paper doll


Step Five:

Make it a fairy princess paper doll! Time to add the butterfly wings!

Here is where I like to add more detail to really make this printable paper doll pop and shine.

I used some shimmery colored ink and glitter paint to paint on detailed color or shimmer to the wings.

butterfly wing fairy paper doll

diy butterfly paper doll


Use a quick dry glue to attach the wings to the back of the doll.

diy paper doll

fairy butterfly paper doll

vintage printable fairy paper doll


Make This Printable Paper Doll Into A Hanging Ornament!

This is easy peasy! To make it a articulated paper doll ornament simply glue a string to the back behind the wings. This will look so pretty on your Christmas tree or even as home decor!

paper doll ornament


Stay tuned for more printable paper dolls!